Winter Tour Update

Our Winter Tour ends in two days, and the last couple of days have been interesting to say the least. Yesterday, we were scheduled to do workshops and a performance at Lackawanna High School alongside various LHS groups, and guest barbershop quartet Cold Snap.

This, unfortunately, was cancelled due to a good old dousing of Buffalo snow. We hastily met and started off by trying to reschedule, and concluded that we would try and come in the following day (today). The question then stood, “What do we do for the rest of the day?”

After a couple phone calls for permissions sake, we started by pushing our way through the snow to Ridge View Manor home for the elderly. It was an absolute joy to sing for them. After they asked for two encores, we sadly ran out of performance ready music, and had to sneak away to our next destination.

We made our way to Mercy Hospital, and had what was probably the best time that many of our members have had on this tour. After singing a couple tunes in the lobby to get warmed up, the gang took the elevator to the top floor. We sang in every lobby and hall that we could, and took as many requests as possible to sing in patients rooms. We ended the day by walking through the hall of newborns (very) quietly singing Happy Birthday on repeat. It was then back to base and to bed.

After a 5am wake up this morning, we drove to Rochester where we performed and did a workshop with two of the a cappella groups at Webster Schroeder High School. The initial plan was to then hop back in the cars and drive back to Buffalo where we’d perform at Lackawanna, but as our social media says, the rescheduled performance was also cancelled.

All though it was a bummer, the group used the free time to take a nap and relax. We’ll be walking around Rochester in a few hours, and tomorrow, we’ll be having a day of intense rehearsals in preparation for the ICCA competition at Hosmer Hall at the Crane School of Music on February 25th. Click here to look into buying tickets to the show, or feel free to browse the website to learn more about the competition and Varsity Vocals.

Thanks to everyone that has listened to us over the past week, and we hope you enjoyed it!

-Chris “CD-R”